Erik Amit Nordlie

finisher 2017

The Tour du Mont Blanc is certainly the toughest race I have finished. I have done two similarly hard races in Norway; Trondheim-Oslo (540 kilometres, 3,600 climbing metres) and Jotunheimen Rundt (430 kilometres, 4,600 climbing metres), and while they both were tough, they can’t match this race. 8,000 climbing metres in 330 kilometres is something else.

In the aftermath of the race, people ask me if it was fun. Was it fun? Yes and no.

“Yes” because when looking back at the race I am proud to have finished such an incredible ride. I am grateful that I am fit to take on such a challenge, and I am amazed at how far the body can be pushed physically and mentally. In that sense, the race was fun.

“No” because there is hardly a moment during the race where you are thinking “boy am I having a chill time”; the Mont Blanc is not supposed to be “fun” in the conventional sense of the word. It is supposed to be the toughest one-day race, not a day at the fair.

In short, the Tour du Mont Blanc is one hell of a ride. You need an affinity for suffering and challenging yourself in hills to appreciate the race - but if you are wired that way, there is no better way to spend a weekend in the mountains.